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  • Security Basics
  • Security Plus
  • Secure system with alarm + window/door sensors and key fob
  • Secure system with alarm + window/door sensors and key fob
  • Indoor Cam (1)
  • Outdoor Cam IQ (1) HD video/facial recognition
  • Hello Doorbell
  • Hello Doorbell
  • Google Home Mini
  • Indoor Cam IQ (1) video/facial recognition
  • Door Lock
  • Google Home

A complete home security system that has you covered front to back. When you leave the house, Nest Secure knows and will automatically start the Nest Cameras for streaming video. Nest Hello provides your most important camera, right at the front of your house. Add smart light bulbs and they will automatically turn off when you leave. Better yet, when motion is sensed outside, the inside lights can come on.


  • Safety & Efficiency
  • Safety & Efficiency Plus
  • Protect
  • Protect
  • Thermostat E
  • Thermostat
  • Google Home Mini
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Google Home

Nest Protect +Thermostat – Thermostat saves money by increasing the efficiency of your heater and AC.. Protect is the most advanced smoke alarm and CO2 detector available. Together, they can talk to each other and work together to keep your home and family safe. For example, when Nest Protect detects a fire or CO2 problem it can automatically shut down the AC and furnace to prevent additional danger, like spreading smoke to other rooms in the house.


  • Smart Home Ultimate
  • Nest Secure (Security)
  • Nest Protect (Fire & CO2)
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest outdoor and indoor cams
  • Hello doorbell
  • Next x Yale Lock
  • Google Home

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