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Electrical Inspections in Portland, OR

Electrical Inspections

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At Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services, we offer high-grade electrical inspections to make certain your home’s electrical systems are running optimally. Our team of Portland electrical inspectors are carefully trained, licensed, and fully-insured to ensure service excellence. We also know that some of the worst electrical failures happen in the middle of the night, or during major holidays. For this reason, you can call upon us 24/7/365 for any electrical services and inspections.

Remember: Electrical defects like exposed lived wires can be incredibly dangerous. Never attempt electrical work without a professional.

Why Electrical Inspections are Crucial

Have you noticed that your electrical utility bill is abnormally high? Is your property frequently powerless in brownouts or blackouts that do not seem to affect your neighbors? Are major electrical appliances, such as your television or refrigerator, experiencing random failures or damages?

All of these serious problems could be caused by a single electrical fault in your home. Our Portland electrical inspectors will look through your property top-to-bottom for faults, defects, and damage in your electrical system. We will note anything we find and recommend repairs, as well as the cost to conduct such repairs. We never begin electrical work without getting your approval first.

During an electrical inspection, we can check:

  • Efficiency of your main breaker
  • Internal and external outlets
  • Manual wall switches and automatic electric sensors
  • Cabling for proper insulation and guarding where needed
  • Voltage requirements of large equipment in your home
  • Electrical exhaust fan operation
  • Lighting system control
  • Electrical generator functionality

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Our electricians are reputable throughout Portland and beyond for completing electrical inspections and work with the utmost professionalism, safety, and quality. Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services is famous for our friendly service, competitive prices, and great service promotions, too!

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