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Sewer lines are responsible for collecting all of the water and waste that goes down your various drains and then carrying it out to the public sewer or to your septic tank. This means these lines are subject to a lot of abuse. Year after year of repeated exposure to water can damage a lot of different materials, however the corrosive nature of some forms of waste and other factors like shifting soil can also damage your line when this is the case, you’ll more than likely need some significant sewer line repairs or even to replace your line completely. However, you’re no longer required to completely dig up your sewer line in order to replace it. With trenchless sewer line repair and replacement methods, you’ll get a durable and high-quality sewer line installed for your home in a fraction of the time and without completely upheaving your entire property.

At Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, we’re the local trenchless sewer repair experts. When your sewer line needs a major service, we’ll come to you with modern tools to determine what needs to be done and how to do it best. If your line can be repaired or replaced by trenchless methods, we will always advise them and do everything we can to get the job done thoroughly and completely so you’re back to enjoying a smoothly working home as soon as possible. We understand the incredibly important role that a sewer line has in your day to day life, and that’s why we treat your needs with the same urgency that you do. Our goal is to not only get the job done right, but to do so in a way that earns your total and complete satisfaction.

Got a sewer problem? Leave it to the experts at Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical! Dial (503) 994-9924 now to schedule a sewer line inspection and find out if you qualify for a trenchless service.


Trenchless sewer repairs, just like their name implies, don’t involve the hassle or frustration of completely digging up the soil over your sewer line in order to remove it. This process is costly, a ton of work, and leaves you with the massive undertaking of completely remodeling your yard when the job is done. Instead, a trenchless service involves no more digging than just two small holes—one on either end of the damaged section of your sewer line.

The process begins with a careful inspection of your sewer line using an inspection camera. This inspection helps your drain and sewer expert determine what kind of damage your line has sustained and whether or not your line is capable of handling a trenchless sewer repair. As long as your line passes the inspection, the next step is to conduct a thorough cleaning of your sewer using a hydrojetting tool. This leaves your line clean and free form buildup or blockages that could interfere with the repair process.

At this point, your crew digs the two holes in your property and cuts into the damaged sewer line. They then feed a special winch tool through the line. To this winch, they attach a fabric liner that is soaked in a specialized resin material. This liner is then pulled through the line until it reaches the other end. This liner is then disconnected, sealed off, and inflated like a balloon in your sewer line.

After a lengthy drying period, the new liner will harden into the shape of your sewer line, creating a water-tight, durable, and completely sealed new sewer line right in the same place that your old line was. This new pipe is connected to your plumbing and sewer system, the holes are refilled, and the job is complete. Your new sewer line should last anywhere from 30 to 50 years.


You have probably noticed that we mentioned on a few different occasions on this page that not all sewer line problems can be repaired by trenchless methods. Trenchless sewer replacement requires that your line still has much of its structural integrity and shape intact. While several cracks or serious leaks can be worked around, a line that has corroded to the point where large chunks of the bottom or sides are missing completely simply can’t be utilized as an appropriate structure in which to complete a trenchless relining service. In these instances, we will either advise you to consider a sewer line bursting repair service or a complete line excavation. Pipe bursting is also a trenchless service, however, it isn’t always the right choice for your needs.

If your sewer line is causing you problems, let Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical get it fixed! Contact us to get started today.


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