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Hydrojetting in Portland

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Backed up drains and sewer lines are truly obnoxious and frustrating to deal with, as getting them unclogged again can be frustrating or downright confusing at times. Liquid drain cleaners never seem to get the job done, plumbing tools can be confusing, and it’s difficult to tell what you need to do because you may not be sure where the clog is and what it’s composed of. Likewise, doing things wrong could result in even further damage to your drain line, and nobody wants to have to pay to repair a line they accidentally broke while trying to fix things themselves.

At Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, we have the simple and effective solution to almost all of your drain and sewer line problems: hydrojetting. Our crew uses state-of-the-art water jet machinery to effectively and thoroughly remove clogs from anywhere in your lines, giving you drains and sewers that run smoothly. In fact, when we’re done with your treatment service, your drains will be almost as clean as the day they were first installed! We treat every drain we clean with the same level of care and attention to detail, and we’re always pushing ourselves to improve and be the best we can be in order to earn your total and complete satisfaction.

If your drains are a source of frustration, make the call to Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical and get them cleared away with a quality hydrojetting service! Schedule yours by dialing (503) 994-9924 now!

How Hydrojetting Works

Hydrojetting has become by far one of the most popular methods for clearing blockages out of drains for several reasons. It’s safe, affordable, thorough, places no risk on your drain lines, and is effective at obliterating virtually any type of clog you might have. Solid waste, liquid or fatty blockages, and even solid buildup like limescale all stand no chance when faced with the sheer force and power of a hydrojetting treatment.

Hydrojetting is a fairly simple process:

  • Your technician runs a plumbing camera inspection to determine where the clog is located and what it is composed of. They also check on the condition of your drain line to make sure it can handle a hydrojetting treatment without the risk of added damage.
  • Using a specialized tool attached to a high-power pressure washer, your technician feeds the jet into your plumbing line. The specialized tool has a main jet on the front that blasts away blockages and your clog, while smaller side jets scrub the walls of your drain line to remove scale and buildup.
  • Once the clog has been blasted away, the remaining traces are flushed down your sewer line as the tool is removed. This leaves your drain with a smooth and clean surface that is extremely difficult for clog-causing materials to latch onto.

Hydrojetting is favored because it is not only fast, but because it leaves long-lasting results. A thoroughly-cleaned drain line is one that clogs have an extremely difficult time forming on, and that means a properly-jetting drain or sewer line is less likely to see clogs in the immediate future. This goes for both regular drain lines and sewer lines alike!

Our crew is equipped with jetting tools that are capable of handling drains as small as less than one inch and as large as four inches, ensuring that we can treat all types of clogs in all types of locations throughout your drain and sewer network. Plus we offer the same world-class customer service and guaranteed satisfaction that has earned us the trust of customers throughout the Portland area.

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