Professional Plumbing Problem-Solving and Prevention in Portland, Oregon

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Roth Plumbing is here for you when you need us most

If you see a lot of water in your home where it is not supposed to be, you need to call Roth Plumbing immediately! Our professional team will come to your home and quickly stop any leaks to prevent further water damage. We will also repair slow leaks, which can still waste hundreds of gallons of water a day. Here is a list of plumbing needs that we can handle:

Regular maintenance greatly reduces the chances of a plumbing disaster occurring. Roth Plumbing offers a plumbing inspection package that will determine whether your pipes, hoses, and valves are functioning properly.

Schedule an appointment to solve your plumbing needs through the form below. Experience the difference in the Roth Plumbing quality of service today. 503.266.1249

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Clog Prevention Tip

Many plumbing problems are caused by clogged drains. Avoid putting these items down the drain:

Roth Heating & Cooling is a full service heating and air conditioning company established in 1976, and serving Canby, Silverton and Sisters/Central Oregon. Current owner Kory MacGregor took over as Manager in 1989, and became President in 1997. In May of 2006, Ponderosa Heating in Sisters, Oregon, was added to the Roth Heating and Cooling family of companies, bringing the total locations to three. Under his leadership, the company has expanded from 12 employees to the current level of 100.