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Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services has been trusted in the Canby area for more than two decades. Our heating and air conditioning team is available 24/7 to provide outstanding same-day and emergency services whenever they are needed. Whether your air conditioner has started blowing hot air or your furnace won’t turn on, we have the right solution at the right price, all with your complete satisfaction in mind.

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Professional Furnace Repair & Replacement in Canby, OR

During the winter, there’s always a chance your home’s heating system will act up or stop working entirely. Either way, the sudden loss of heat or a furnace that’s not heating adequately is something to avoid. When you need furnace repair in Canby, call the team at Roth. No matter what type of problem your furnace has, we can quickly diagnose the issue and get to work on the right solution. We always strive to make repairs wherever it is the most cost efficient for you, so you never have to worry about feeling pressured to purchase something you don’t really need. However, if your furnace is too old to be repaired or is irreparably damaged, our team stands ready to help you select and install the right replacement.

If Your Furnace is Struggling to Heat Your Home

This could be the result of a number of issues. The air filter may need to be change; ductwork might be dirty or leaking air; the burners in your combustion heating system might be clogged; the blower motor might need to be cleaned and lubricated; or your heating system might be so old that it no longer can keep up with the challenge of heating your home. Each of these issues has a different solution, from simply changing the air filter to replacing your heating system.

If the Heating isn’t Working at All

  • Check that your HVAC system is getting power. Do this at the circuit-breaker box or at the on-off switch if your heating system has one. Is the thermostat set to “heat” and that the setting is above the temperature in your home? If the thermostat is battery operated, check the batteries.
  • Ignition might be the problem, especially if you have an older furnace with a pilot light. Re-lighting the pilot might be all that’s necessary, though if the light keeps going out, or the electronic ignition (in a newer heating system) is malfunctioning, you’ll need a professional service call.
  • If you hear banging or rattling in the furnace compartment before the system goes dead, it might be loose or detached parts in the blower motor, or a slipped belt. While you might be able to put the belt back on, you’ll need professional help for a faulty motor.

For help fixing your furnace in Canby, fill out our online service request form or give us a call today.

Expert Canby AC Repairs & Installations

Air conditioners are complex machines that can suffer from all kinds of problems. Most of the time, these issues can be avoided with routine maintenance, but sometimes even well-maintained air conditioners can require repairs. At Roth, our Canby AC repair professionals are familiar with all types of common (and not so common) air conditioning issues and can have your unit fixed up in no time. We can also help you choose a new air conditioner if you’re interested in upgrading your old, broken down unit for something more energy efficient and reliable.

You may need AC repair or an estimate for a new air conditioner if:

  • The air in your home seems humid
  • Your AC is constantly running, but your home still isn’t cool
  • You have noticed leaking or unusual noises from your AC
  • Your AC won’t turn on, or does turn on but blows warm air
  • Your AC is more than 10 or 15 years old and frequently needs service

Avoid Emergency AC Repairs with Annual Air Conditioning Inspections

Having your air conditioner inspected during the spring will help you avoid some nasty surprises come summer. During a maintenance check, your Canby AC repair technician can spot and repair problems before they become a summertime issue. As technicians are often in higher demand during the summer months, having potential air conditioning issues taken care of beforehand can save you plenty of time and money.

Your technician will take a look at potential AC problem spots, including:

  • Refrigerant lines and charge
  • Relays, contacts and wires
  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Belts and pulleys

In addition to preventative repairs, your AC repair technician can also perform critical maintenance on your cooling system:

  • Replace air filters as needed
  • Clear A/C drains to prevent water backups and mold growth
  • Clean A/C coils to promote better performance and clear mold and bacterial growth
  • Insure the thermostat is working properly
  • Inspect and lubricate blower motors and other moving parts as needed

These maintenance items are essential for keeping your system running at its best. Having an AC check taken care of right away will help keep it energy efficient and save you plenty of headaches down the road.

To schedule your appointment for heating or AC repair in Canby, call Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services today at (503) 266-1249.

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