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HVAC Stands for More Than Just Heating and Cooling
HVAC Stands for More Than Just Heating and Cooling

In Portland’s mild climate, it’s easy to ignore your home comfort systems, but doing so can cost you. Learning exactly what HVAC stands for will help you start building the knowledge you need to improve your comfort and lower your bills. Heating Heating, the H in HVAC, ...

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  • Heat Pump Maintenance, If Performed Routinely, Can Save Energy

    Your heat pump works hard all year, keeping you comfortable in Portland’s warm summers and chilly winters. It’s for exactly this reason regular heat ...

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  • Propane vs. Electricity: Comparing the Operating Costs

    Choosing between propane and electricity to fuel your home heating system often comes down to the cost of both options. In our climate, using a ...

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  • Keep Options Open with a Dual Fuel Heat Pump

    While temperatures in Portland don’t go below freezing as often as they do in other parts of the country, the occasional cold winter night can push ...

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  • What's With the Heat Pump? When There's Trouble, Try These Tips

    In addition to home heating, heat pumps are designed to provide efficient home cooling, too. That’s one of the big perks of using a heat pump in your ...

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  • Heat Pump Freezing Up? Some Possible Solutions

    Do you have problems with your heat pump freezing up in cold weather? While the presence of a light layer of ice on the unit during our cold Portland ...

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  • Your Air-Source Heat Pump and Its 3 Cycles

    Heat pumps are marvelous home-comfort systems that, at the touch of a button, the flip of a switch or with programmable thermostat settings, shift ...

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  • Have You Tried Heat Pump Air Conditioning? Why You Should

    If your air conditioner is on its last leg, or you’re undertaking new construction, you should explore the many benefits that heat pump air ...

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  • Your New Heat Pump: Get Your Portland Home Ready, and You’ll Be Pleased After It Goes On

    When you’re getting a new heat pump, preparing ahead of time will help you realize its full potential. The main factors that affect how well the heat ...

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  • Yes, It's Time to Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

    The cooling season is looming, and if you schedule heat pump maintenance early, you’ll rest easy knowing that it will run as efficiently as possible. ...

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