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Unsealed Ducts? You're Wasting Money and Energy
Unsealed Ducts? You're Wasting Money and Energy

You may have a state-of-the-art HVAC system coupled with an airtight, well-insulated home, but if your home’s ducts are leaking or blocked , you’ll still pay higher than necessary energy bills. In some homes, as much as 30 percent of conditioned air is lost before it ever ...

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  • Tight Ducts are Important for Keeping Heat Inside Your Home Where it Belongs

    You can have the highest-quality furnace or A/C in the world but if your home’s ductwork is defective , you’ll still waste money on energy and not be ...

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  • Should You Consider Using Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home?

    A ductless mini split offers a solid option for heating and cooling areas in your home that would otherwise pose challenges. Ductless systems work ...

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  • Tighter Ducts Do a Better Job of Keeping the Heat In

    You would not pay for a full tank of gasoline and then deliberately punch a hole in your car’s fuel line. But if your Portland area home’s ducts are ...

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  • Is Your Home’s Airflow Lacking? Common Ductwork Obstructions to Look For

    The best-known cause of airflow obstructions in a home forced-air heating and cooling system is a dirty air filter. When the filter isn’t cleaned or ...

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  • Knowing When It's Time to Clean Your HVAC Ducts

    A ductwork check should be part of annual HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system maintenance, but technicians typically don’t clean ...

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  • If These Duct Design Objectives Are Lacking, Your Home Comfort Might Be, Too

    Whether you’re building a new house or have an existing home that you’d like to renovate, the design of your heating and cooling system should be a ...

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  • Long-Term Energy Savings — It’s As Simple As Sealing Your Ducts

    Ductwork systems play a vital role for home comfort and long-term energy savings. Efficient air supply and air return is dependent upon optimal ...

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  • Costly Air Leaks: Check These 11 Places In Your Home, And Make Sure They’re Sealed Tight

    Air leaks in your home force you to use more energy than necessary just to keep your home at a comfortable level. You will be able to save money and ...

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  • Cold And Flu Season Is Coming: Let UV Lights Boost Your Resistance

    Colds and flu are just part of the season for many here in the Portland area and around the country. Even if you rarely suffer from these illnesses, ...

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