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The Importance Of Furnace Tune-Ups

Schedule your Furnace tune-up with Roth Heat

Having regular furnace maintenance service, which includes furnace cleaning and tune-up services, is pivotal in ensuring your home heating system remains reliable during the cold winter months.

You should have your furnace serviced yearly in the fall before winter begins, however, scheduling a tune-up during winter can help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

Schedule your furnace tune-up in Portland by contacting the experts at Roth Heating, Cooling & Plumbing right away. We’ll keep your home warm and provide peace of mind that you won’t need furnace repairs anytime soon.

The Real Importance Of A Tune-Up

Furnace services in Portland are vital to your furnace keeping you comfortable in your home. The furnace is a mechanical system consisting of several components that need to be cleaned and adjusted so that they will heat your home properly and continue working efficiently.

Envision your furnace like you would your vehicle. Your vehicle needs regular oil changes in order for the engine to run smoothly. If you skip your oil changes enough, your engine will break down and you will be out a pretty penny in repair costs. The same will happen with your furnace if you regularly skip tune-ups.

We recommend having your home’s furnace serviced in the fall months before the winter season; if you’ve forgotten to schedule yours, call Roth ASAP.

What Is A Furnace Tune-Up?

On an annual furnace tune-up service call, our highly-trained HVAC technician will clean your HVAC system/furnace and adjust any parts and mechanisms inside your furnace to ensure it continues warming your home in an efficient manner. By making specific adjustments, your furnace will run smoothly and be the energy-efficient machine you expected it to be, saving you money on energy bills.

The technician will also perform an inspection of your furnace to find wear and tear concerns, and find possible issues before they escalate into repairs. Schedule your tune-up with Roth Heating today.

A tune-up will help prepare your furnace and heating system for the cold months ahead and to help it operate safely and reliably. Having your annual inspection and furnace tune-up will increase the lifespan of your system.

Contact Roth For Professional Service

Your furnace helps keep you and your family comfortable during the winter. Let the highly-trained professionals at Roth Heating help you stay comfortable in your home. Contact us by calling (503) 266-1249 or scheduling an appointment online.

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