5 Of The Most Common Tankless Water Heater Problems
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5 Of The Most Common Tankless Water Heater Problems


While they initially cost a bit more than a traditional tank water heater, a tankless heater is a great investment for either home or business. No system is an exemption from experiencing issues over time. Luckily, most tankless water heater repairs are usually the result of maintenance being needed for your system.

A portable shower emits water at a low-pressure, which is one of many signs of a common tankless water heater problem.

The Benefits of A Tankless Water Heater

They’re extremely efficient, and in the long run they’ll save you money on utility bills as they only heat water for use when you actually need it. In other words, they’re on-demand water heaters, as opposed to a traditional water heater that keeps a supply of hot water on hand at all times.
Outside of improperly producing hot water for your home, there are several other indicators that you might be experiencing a problem with your water heater, which we will address below.

Potential Problems

As efficient as tankless systems are things can occasionally go wrong at any point. Below are the five most common problems you may encounter with a tankless water heater. We’ve also included a few troubleshooting tips to prevent problems from occurring or locate the cause of a problem you might encounter.

A Mineral Deposit

This can be a problem if you’re using hard water that’s high in mineral content, especially calcium and magnesium. A buildup of mineral deposits can interfere with the proper operation of your tankless system, so be sure to check your water filter on a regular basis to make sure it’s not clogged with mineral deposits or other debris.
You might also consider installing a water softening system for your home or business. This kind of system can catch mineral particles before they reach your tankless heater.

System Overload and Lack of Hot Water

This can occur when you have several hot water applications running simultaneously. Your system can only produce a certain amount of water at a time, and as a result it might not have the capacity to produce enough gallons per minute (GPMs) to meet your household’s needs. You should either limit simultaneous usage situations or consider installing a higher capacity tankless system.

Temporary Cold Water Gap

This situation (also called a cold water sandwich) occurs, for example, when someone takes a shower, and you try to take a shower immediately after they’ve finished, At first, you have a flow of warm water that turns cold, before it again turns hot.

That’s because at the shower head or tap, you initially had a short supply of water that’s still warm, but further back in the water pipes the water has grown cold. And it takes a few seconds (perhaps 30 to 60 seconds) for the tankless system to get a fresh supply of hot water to you.
The obvious solution is to allow the water to run until there’s again a fresh supply of hot water before you step into the shower or tub.

Blocked Exhaust

If your tankless system is powered by either propane or a natural gas supply, then it has an exhaust system that vents poisonous gasses to the outside of your house or business. If the gas line’s exhaust pipe is blocked by debris, your system should produce an error code. You should not attempt to remove a blockage yourself. Let a professional inspect your gas and water valves to clear up the situation.

Ignition Failure

Tankless water heaters powered by gas are equipped with an ignition system made of miniature silicon eclectic parts. It’s function is to ignite the gas when the system is activated. If you’re not getting hot water, the cause could be a faulty ignition system Or, there’s also the possibility that you have a defective gas valve that’s limiting the flow of gas into the system.

Expert Water Heater Repair in Portland, OR

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Your hot water heater is a vital part of your family life or your business, and you shouldn’t struggle from day to day with a faulty system. For the very best water heater repair services in Portland call Roth at 503-266-1249.

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