Is A Home Generator A Good Investment?
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Is A Home Generator A Good Investment?

Owning a whole-home generator in Portland can be a good investment

When the power goes out, you can almost hear the entire neighborhood cry “I wish we had a generator!” It’s no secret that whole home generators have a ton of benefits, but with the substantial investment needed up front, you might find yourself wondering if it is worth it. Here are a few perks to consider when thinking about investing in a generator for your home.

A standby generator sits on the side of a home.

Advantages To Owning A Whole Home Generator

A variety of severe weather and natural disasters occur each year in Oregon. Generators are quality investments that will protect your home and all of the electrical appliances within it. While the price tag can be quite hefty, you might find that the benefits might just outweigh that initial expense.

  • Maintain Safety Levels

You never realize just how much you depend on power to keep your family and home safe until it goes out. Loss of light increases the chances of tripping or falling when moving throughout your home. Security systems need power to keep your family and home safe from potential threats.

Your heating and cooling system rely on power to keep your home comfortable during months with extreme temperatures which can be detrimental to families with pets, young children, and the elderly. Investing in a whole home generator can eliminate these problems before they even become one.

  • Provides Automatic Power

Whole home generators kick on as soon as your power goes out so you can rest assured that all of your electrical appliances, including your refrigerator, security system, and HVAC system, will continue working even if you aren’t home.

  • Provides Unlimited Power

Although uncommon, there is always the chance that a blackout could last days or even several weeks in severe situations. Whole home generators draw power from your local utility grid so unlike portable generators that can run out of fuel and need to be refilled, you won’t have to worry about running out of power.

  • Prevents Additional Problems

The loss of power can lead to many additional problems such as pipes bursting in the winter due to lack of heat, food spoiling in your fridge, and sometimes the added cost of a night or two at a hotel plus meals if the power is off for several days.

  • Allows Modern Homes To Use Plumbing

A lot of modern homes rely on electric pumps to move water throughout your house. If the electricity is out, the pumps cannot transfer water to your sinks, showers, and toilets. Even if the plumbing system in your home continues to work without electricity, you won’t have hot water since most hot water tanks are electric based.

  • Maintain Comfort

From keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, to being able to move from room to room without a candle or flashlight, the comfort of our daily lives depends on electricity. Having a whole home generator installed can help reduce stressful disruptions in your schedule such as having to order expensive take out because you can’t cook, bored or restless children who can’t play their game systems or watch their favorite tv shows, or turning your house upside down desperately trying to find the emergency candles and matches.

  • Peace Of Mind

Investing in a whole home generator ultimately provides peace of mind to you and your family. There are so many stressful situations that you won’t have to worry about when you have a generator backing up your home.

Roth’s Whole Home Generator Installations – Portland

If you own a home in Portland or the surrounding areas and are considering having a whole home generator installed, give us a call. Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services has been helping homeowners choose the best generators to meet their needs for over 45 years.

Not only can our skilled technicians install the most trusted, industry-leading brands of Portland, Oregon generators, but we can also repair them in no time if you ever have any issues. Give Roth a call to schedule an appointment with one of our whole home generator experts today.

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