Why a Standby Generator is Perfect for Your Home This Winter
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Why a Standby Generator is Perfect for Your Home This Winter


One of the most important systems in our homes—especially during the winter time—is our electricity. We rely on our home’s power for warmth, to stay connected, and to keep our appliances running. In the event of inclement weather, falling debris, or a storm results in a loss of electricity, a standby generator can keep your home’s power going.

Also known as a whole house generator, it is installed on a concrete pad outside of your home. The heart of the system consists of an internal combustion engine which provides self-sustaining power for days until the home’s main power is restored.

The following are the benefits of having a standby generator installed in your home during the cold winter months:

  • Automatically turns on when necessary – When a power outage or equipment failure occurs, the standby generator will automatically disconnect your utility and provides power to your home’s electrical panel. The generator will continue to run until the utility power comes back. Once the power has been restored, the generator will switch to standby mode and will be ready for the next outage.
  • Power your HVAC systems and appliances – Without a standby generator and power throughout your home for several days, all of the contents inside your refrigerator needs to be trashed and cold temperatures can be hazardous for children and anyone with poor health or medical conditions. A standby generator can keep your food cold or frozen and your home warm.
  • Maintain communications – Wi-Fi, phone lines, computers, and other devices rely on power to function. While many devices have long battery lives, having no power for an indefinite period of time can still be an issue. A standby generator enables homeowners and their occupants to maintain communication when they need it most.
  • Prevent security breach – Thieves often target homes with no power since it also means home security systems are temporarily disabled. If your home is without power for several days and you have chosen to stay somewhere else until the electricity returns, you leave your home vulnerable to burglary. A standby generator means thieves will be discouraged from robbing your home due to the power being on.

Whether you wish to install a standby generator or require professional maintenance service on your current model, our Portland HVAC technicians at Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services can provide experienced and certified help. Contact us and schedule an appointment today.

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