Benefits of a Smart Heating System
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Benefits of a Smart Heating System


The increasingly high cost of heating a home makes it vital to look for ways to improve HVAC system efficiency. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, there are smart heating systems available that can fine-tune your energy usage, reduce your HVAC operating costs and give you a more comfortable home environment.

Smart Heating System Basics

Smart systems combine the latest and best in intelligent controls with the most technologically-advanced equipment offerings. The result is a heating system that’s ultra reliable, efficient, intuitive and responsive. Some of the key components used in today’s smart systems that can give you unparalleled control and convenience include:

  • Learning thermostats
  • Variable-speed air handlers
  • Variable-capacity furnaces
  • Intelligent zoning

Smart Heating Capabilities and Benefits

A learning thermostat like the NEST PRO or the IComfort from Lennox is the central component in a smart heating system, and it gives you the ability to access, program and make heating adjustments from anywhere via an easy-to-use app. These adaptive, intelligent thermostats have capabilities that go well beyond basic remote accessibility, however, and can also:

  • Make maintenance hassle-free. A smart thermostat continuously monitors your system’s operation and reminds you about replacing the air filter, scheduling preventive maintenance and can alert you and your HVAC company if problems arise that need attention.
  • Provide optimal functionality. Your intelligent thermostat can communicate directly with other system components like the variable-speed air handler and multi-stage furnace to provide effortless oversight of your comfort and energy consumption.
  • Boost air quality automatically. Intuitive thermostats can monitor outdoor pollen counts and indoor humidity levels and take steps like starting up the appropriate system component to filter the air or maintain a healthy humidity level.
  • Streamline heating in multi-level/larger homes. If you have an intelligent zoning system installed, your thermostat can also monitor and adjust heating in specific areas based on occupancy and use.
  • Make saving energy intuitive. An intelligent heating system can use the GPS in your smartphone to detect when you’re home and away and make adjustments to the warm air output accordingly.

To learn more about smart heating options for your Sherwood OR area home, contact us today at Roth Heating & Cooling.

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