Importance of Duct Sealing your Home
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Importance of Duct Sealing your Home


The ducts of a typical home leak 15-20% of the air they convey, but according to the EPA & previous analysis tests, it can be as high as 60-70%! This results in higher utility bills and reduced comfort.

A leaky duct system will require the heating and cooling equipment to run much longer than necessary and will cause uneven temperatures between rooms through heating & cooling seasons.

It’s a good idea to check ducts seasonally to ensure they have a positive connection & that the insulation is present & intact. Each duct run can have many connections, so be sure to inspect each duct run entirely. If you have flexible ducts, look for kinks in the duct that could be restricting the flow of air.

Most crawl & attic spaces where ducts are located are undesirable to crawl in and it’s understandable for a homeowner to pass on performing the inspection.This is where Roth Heating & Cooling’s trained & certified technicians can help. Roth can test the ducts for leakage and seal them as needed to maximize the efficiency of your heating & cooling equipment.

Performing a simple duct leakage test in conjunction with a duct evaluation allows our technicians to give you an accurate measurement of how much of your conditioned air is leaking to the outside of your home & what prescriptive measure should be taken in order to maximize efficiencies.

Ask one of our Customer Service Representatives about your ductwork inspection as it is one of many services included during a Planned Service visit.

A well-maintained duct system will extend the life of your heating and cooling system. The equipment won’t have to work as long or hard to heat and cool your home. Another benefit of a tight duct system is an improvement in your homes comfort level with an even distribution of airflow, cleaner indoor air quality as well as the money you’ll save on your utility bills.

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