Tips to Reduce Pool Energy Use This Summer
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Tips to Reduce Pool Energy Use This Summer


Pool energy use is a substantial part of the expense of owning a pool. While other costs include routine maintenance such as chemicals, repair and cleaning, the energy component — mainly circulating water, filtration and lighting the pool — is vital. Compared to a house next door without a pool, for example, a pool owner can expect to spend about $500 per year in added energy expenses. However, this is not a fixed figure, steps can be taken to cut pool energy use and the cost of paying for it. Consider these ways to save:

  • Replace the pool pump. If your pool incorporates an older, single-speed circulation pump, you’re paying more for electricity than necessary. New energy efficient variable-speed pumps do a better job of pool water circulation and filtration while using far less electricity. A variable-speed pump can reduce electrical consumption as much as 75 percent compared to the obsolete single-speed pump.
  • Upgrade to LED bulbs. Lighting a pool can be expensive, especially if you’re still using incandescent light bulbs that were the standard equipment of yesteryear. Today, LED pool lamps use only 10 percent of the electricity consumed by old-school incandescents, yet they last more than 20 times longer. LED pool lights also provided enhanced aesthetic options as many can be programmed to generate a wide range of colors.
  • Utilize a pump timer. Studies show that most pool owners run the circulation pump far more hours per day than is actually required to maintain proper circulation and filtration. This results in unnecessary electrical expense. A pool or plumbing professional can calculate the exact amount of hours required for optimum filtration using a formula that incorporates the total volume of the pool in gallons, the capacity of the pump and the type of filter. With that figure, you can set a timer to run the pump only the number of hours per day actually required to maintain water quality.

For more advice to reduce pool energy use this summer, in Portland ask the professionals at Roth Heating & Cooling.

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