How Summer Air Humidifier Use Is Beneficial
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How Summer Air Humidifier Use Is Beneficial


Most homeowners know that using an air humidifier is beneficial during the winter, when the humidity level falls outside and running a heating system dries the indoor air out even more. What you may not know is that humidifying the air in your home may be necessary in the summer too, when your heat pump or air conditioner is operating.

The Relationship Between Humidity and Your Cooling System

The HVAC equipment used to cool your home removes heat indoors and sends it outdoors. In the process, it extracts airborne moisture too. If the equipment is efficient at dehumidifying the air, and it’s running daily for extended periods, your indoor humidity level can drop too low. If this occurs, having a humidifier added to the HVAC system can allow you to select a desired level right at the thermostat. Whenever the humidity level falls below what you’ve selected, moisture gets added automatically into the cooled air coming from the registers.

Humidifying your home in the summer can also let you:

  • Avoid discomfort and illness. The bacteria and viruses that cause the common cold, flu and respiratory infections thrive when the air is dry, so you’ll reduce your exposure when your home is properly humidified. You’ll also experience fewer health and comfort issues, like sinus problems, sore throats, headaches, brittle hair and itchy skin.
  • Protect the structure and its contents. When your cooling system is drawing too much moisture from your home’s air, the paint, wallpaper, drywall, wood floors and trim can begin to shrink, warp and crack. A lack of sufficient humidity in the air can also damage your wood furniture and valuable possessions like artwork, musical instruments and books.
  • Avert static electricity damage. Another issue that develops in dry conditions is static electricity. By maintaining the humidity level, you’ll avoid unexpected and irritating shocks, but you’ll also preserve any items with a semiconductor from being irreparably damaged — such as your computers, cell phones, televisions and gaming consoles.

To learn more benefits of using an air humidifier in your Portland-area home during the summer, contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling.

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