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Water Heater Sizing: Does Your Home Need More Than One?
Water Heater Sizing: Does Your Home Need More Than One?

If you have a long wait between turning on your faucet or showerhead and getting hot water, you may think that there’s nothing you can do about it. It just takes as long as it takes, right? The truth is, there is a solution that many homeowners aren’t aware of – installing ...

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  • Signs of Ductwork That's Getting Old

    Ductwork plays an essential role in your home’s forced-air heating and cooling system, delivering conditioned air to rooms, and then routing spent air ...

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  • How to Conduct Your Own At-Home Energy Tests

    If you’re looking for ways to reduce your household utility bills, performing some basic energy tests can help you identify areas where energy is ...

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  • Winter Safety Precautions for Your Canby Home

    Now that winter is approaching, it’s time to take smart steps to protect your family from hazards like carbon monoxide (CO) exposure , and prevent ...

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  • Solve Problems With a Humidifier Throughout Heating Season

    Winter in the Portland area has its own set of challenges. One problem that doesn’t have to be too difficult to deal with is dry air from your heating ...

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  • Checking the P-Trap for a Clog

    The p-trap is that 180-degree bend in the drain pipe just underneath most sinks. Its curvy configuration performs a couple of very vital plumbing ...

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  • Replacing Your Furnace Motor: Deciding Between ECM and PSC

    Furnace motor replacement presents an opportunity for improvement. Both your heating costs as well as the comfort level inside your home can benefit ...

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  • Lower Energy Bills are a Great Gift to Yourself

    Although it might take a small investment of money and time, it’s possible to lower energy bills quickly and easily before the heating season is in ...

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