Here's How You Can Use Solar Shades to Reduce Your A/C Costs

Sure, it’s cloudy most of the time in Portland but even we can have our hot, sunny spells in summertime. Whenever the sun shines, it causes solar gain in the home. In the winter, that’s not a bad thing, but in summer, it can drive the need to turn down the air conditioner and use more power.

In our environmentally minded city. we like to do all we can to reduce power use, so turning to a low-tech, passive means such as solar shades may appeal to you.

What Are Solar Shades?

These shades block sunlight and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. They’re made of special material that stands up to UV rays over the long term while preventing solar gain. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and shapes.

Why Install Solar Shades?

Following are some of the benefits of installing UV-blocking shades.

  • These shades can cut down on heat gain from solar radiation as a factor in driving up your summertime energy use, so that you not only use less power, but also lower your utility costs.
  • While regular window shades and curtains certainly do help block sunlight and keep interior temperatures down in summer, UV-blocking shades have an edge by protecting you and your furnishings from UV rays. UV light over time can cause skin cancer, and can make carpets, drapes, furniture, flooring, and home furnishings fade or discolor.
  • These shades allow you to block sunlight but still see outdoors. And, even though you’ve got a view of the outdoors, solar shades inhibit the ability of passersby to see inside your home.
  • UV-blocking shades cut down on glare, so that on too-sunny days, you don’t need to squint in your own living room.
  • While some homeowners are exploring installing solar screens on the exterior of their windows, UV-blocking shades are more convenient, allowing you to leave shades down or roll them up, depending on the weather. These shades are available with manual or motorized operation.

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