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Tips to Keep Your Basement from Flooding
Tips to Keep Your Basement from Flooding

Basement flooding has always been a problem in homes. It’s even more of an issue these days, however. More and more homeowners have converted basements from neglected, empty voids into living spaces, home offices and other uses. Frequently, basements are also utilized to ...

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  • Air Conditioner Shopping? Consider These Tips

    It doesn’t make sense to take shortcuts when shopping for a new air conditioner. This is a major system for your home, and an error in selecting an ...

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  • Simple Ways to Conserve Water this Spring

    You’re on the right track when you’ve found a way to save both water and money in your everyday life. This is definitely something you can accomplish ...

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  • Keep HVAC System Components Safe from Thieves

    One of the more recent crime trends that has hit the U.S. involves the theft of copper and other valuable metals from various sources, including the ...

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  • Here's What You Should Stop Putting Down the Drain

    Like many systems around your home you depend on for convenience and comfort, you may not think of the plumbing until something goes wrong, especially ...

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  • Tips for Remembering to Change Your Air Filter

    With warmer weather on the way, this is a good time to make sure your HVAC system is ready for the cooling season. One of the most important tasks to ...

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  • Here's What to Know About Refrigerant

    Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioner. An A/C cools your home by moving indoor heat outdoors. Heat energy extracted from the air at the ...

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  • Discolored Hot Water: Here's What it Means

    Turning on a faucet in your home and seeing a flow of discolored hot water can be worrisome. There are several possible reasons why water ...

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