Tips for Handling Pressuring HVAC Salespeople
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Tips for Handling Pressuring HVAC Salespeople


If your first encounter with an HVAC company is through an HVAC salesperson, you might feel overwhelmed, since these appliances are anything but simple. But if you sense that the salesperson is pressuring you into decisions you’re not ready to make or doesn’t seem to listen to your comments or questions, these tips might help you.

  • Get two opinions — Installing a new HVAC system or approving a major repair represents a large investment. Before proceeding with either, it’s a good idea to get a second option from another HVAC contractor. Let the salesperson know upfront that you plan to compare either before you sign a contract.
  • Insist on the facts — Although it means doing some research, educating yourself about HVAC systems and issues will payoff when dealing with a system replacement or a major repair. The U.S. Department of Energy has published many authoritative articles about these systems to help consumers better understand them. If you know something about them, you can better hold your own with a pushy HVAC salesperson.
  • Don’t sign anything until the contractor completes a load calculation for a new installation using Manual J software It’s a detailed analysis of your home’s physical characteristics and some lifestyle factors that contribute to your heating and cooling load. Skipping this step of a new installation could be the difference between a durable and dependable HVAC system, as well as lower energy costs.
    This exercise requires precise and detailed inputs, and not all HVAC sales people have the tools or expertise to conduct it.
  • Watch out for incentives — Legitimate offers in the HVAC field include factory-authorized incentives or financing, and rebates or credits from local energy or governmental agencies. Contractors who are factory-authorized dealersare less likely to offer non-product related incentives. Anything else may simply be a sales tactic.

The more you understand about the basics of HVAC systems, the better you’ll be at managing an HVAC salesperson who seems to be pushing you toward decisions you’re not ready to make. To learn more, contact Roth Heating & Cooling, serving homeowners in the Greater Portland area.

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