These are the Answers to Your Top FAQs About HVAC Systems
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These are the Answers to Your Top FAQs About HVAC Systems


A well-maintained HVAC system can keep you comfortable in the rainy Portland springtime without running up your energy bills. The more you know about your system, the more you can save.

When does my HVAC system require service? Schedule an annual professional inspection for your air conditioner in early spring and your furnace in early fall. The cleaning and minor repairs performed during these inspections keep your system at top efficiency. They also identify developing problems before they turn into major ones.

How should I care for the air ducts? Once a year, check that the duct connections are sealed with mastic and ducts in unconditioned spaces are insulated. Deteriorated mastic and insulation should be replaced. Ducts rarely need cleaning, but they sometimes develop a problem with moisture, dust, or pests or become damaged. An inspection once every five years is a smart investment.

When should I replace my air filter? Once a month, pull out the filter and hold it in front of a light source. If no light is visible through the filter, put in a clean one. Typically, 1-inch fiberglass filters should be replaced monthly. Higher-efficiency pleated filters last longer and improve your air quality, which standard fiberglass models don’t.

How can I boost my system’s efficiency? Ensuring proper routine maintenance is the most important step. Keep your air registers open and clean. Sufficient home air sealing and insulation also helps. To manage your temperatures more efficiently, consider a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat.

When should I replace my system? You can expect to get around 13 years of life out of your air conditioner and up to 25 out of your furnace. While your equipment may run that long, it becomes less efficient and more susceptible to component failure every year. For that reason, start looking for a new system once yours hits 10 years of age. Higher efficiency and more reliable performance of a new model is usually worth the cost to upgrade.

For professional help caring for your HVAC system, contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling anywhere around Portland.

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