Things to Keep in Mind During Furnace Installation
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Things to Keep in Mind During Furnace Installation


Proper furnace installation is critical to the efficiency and performance you get later. Conversely, a sub-standard installation can be the root cause of high operating costs and poor indoor comfort that plague a homeowner for as long as the unit is on the job. Since a new gas-fired furnace has a typical expected service life exceeding 15 years, that’s a convincing reason to make sure you receive a competent furnace installation from a qualified professional contractor.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when your new furnace is installed:

  • A load calculation is critical to performance and efficiency — No new furnace should be installed without a professional heating load calculation utilizing industry-standard software. A load calculation computes the exact BTU output required to keep your home comfortable in winter climate typical for your locale. With that data, the contractor can match a new furnace with the correct heating capacity. Oversized or undersized units are no bargain: they waste fuel and money and under-perform as far as household comfort, too.
  • Ventilation upgrade may be needed — The existing vent pipe utilized with your previous furnace may be usable for the new unit—or not. If it shows signs of leakage or deterioration, for safety’s sake, now’s the time for replacement. Also, if you are upgrading to a larger or a more high-efficiency furnace, installation of a new vent pipe may be mandatory.
  • Duct condition matters — Connecting a new, state-of-the-art furnace to aging ductwork that’s deteriorating and leaky is a losing proposition. Leakage from bad ducts can easily negate any gains you’re expecting from a more efficient heating system. Ducts should be visually inspected and pressure-tested, then professionally sealed if necessary. In many locales, building codes now require when installing a furnace or A/C.
  • Permits and inspection — Installing new furnace usually requires a proper building permit, pulled by the HVAC contractor. The permit also ensures that the installation will be examined by a building inspector afterwards to verify safe operation and venting.

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