Don't Fall for These 6 Saving Energy Myths
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Don’t Fall for These 6 Saving Energy Myths


Most people want to cut energy costs and live comfortably. This desire has led to some wise actions as well as some unwise actions. Here are common energy-saving myths.

Myth: Ceiling Fans Cool the Home

Ceiling fans do not cool the home. What they can do is make you feel cooler. An indoor breeze removes heat from your skin surface and creates a wind chill effect. Keep ceiling fans on only when someone is in the room to benefit.

Myth: Using a Fireplace Reduces Your Home’s Heating Load

When you have a fire in your fireplace, a lot of the heat escapes through the damper, which must remain open while you have a fire burning. This doesn’t mean you cannot use your fireplace. What it does mean is that it won’t increase the overall warmth within your home. To reduce your furnace’s heating load, seal drafts and add insulation.

Myth: You Should Close Registers to Rooms You Don’t Use

This myth is based on the false presumption that your HVAC unit won’t have to work as hard. However, the opposite is often true and closing registers can cause problems, such as increased pressure within your HVAC system. Instead of closing vents, consider adding a zoning system.

Myth: Unplugging Electronics is Not Necessary

Electronics use less energy when they are off. However, they continue to use some energy as long as they are plugged in. To conserve energy, unplug your devices when they aren’t in use.

Myth: Turning the Thermostat to the Lowest Setting Cools the Fastest

Your HVAC system will cool the home just as fast at higher air conditioning settings. If you lower the temperature setting, it will only run longer and waste energy. Use a programmable thermostat to keep your home comfortable and more energy efficient.

Myth: Turning Lights Off and On Wastes Energy

Leaving lights on uses more energy than shutting them off. To save energy, get into the habit of turning off the lights to rooms each time you exit.

For more information about energy-saving myths and your Portland home, please contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling.

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