Fireplaces: Which Type is Right for Your Home?
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Fireplaces: Which Type is Right for Your Home?


The warmth of a roaring fire is one of the most enjoyable ways to keep the Portland area’s damp winter chill away. A gas fireplace can provide this kind of comfort, and there are several types available to fit your needs.

Inserts — These models are designed to be installed in an existing fireplace space to convert it from wood-burning to gas. Because gas fireplaces are typically more energy efficient than wood-burning models, inserts give you a way to improve your home efficiency without giving up your crackling winter fires. While the existing masonry chimney can be used if it’s in good repair, it must be re-lined first. On the downside, most of these models are natural-vent designs, which are less efficient than direct vent, but direct-vent models can be found.

Free standing — This type doesn’t require an existing fireplace space because it’s entirely self-contained. Freestanding fireplaces can be mounted on legs or pedestals, in a hearth or even on a wall. These models are easier to find in direct-vent designs. Either top or rear-vented, they can be vented through the wall, through a factory-built chimney or through an existing chimney.

Free-standing fireplaces are ideal for use in a room addition that isn’t sufficiently heated by the existing heating system. Because they can be placed nearly anywhere, they also allow you more freedom with your interior design.

Factory built — Also known as zero clearance, this design can be safely enclosed by combustible material, such as walls with wood studs, without risk of damage. This allows zero-clearance models to provide more heat than conventional masonry fireplaces. Instead of a masonry chimney, they use a stainless steel flue. Although these models are usually installed during a home’s construction, they can also be retrofit as part of a home renovation project.

Whatever type of gas fireplace you choose, it should be professionally installed to ensure that it performs safely and efficiently.

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