Air Conditioning Options for Your Attic Remodel
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Air Conditioning Options for Your Attic Remodel


It’s nice to make use of available space in your home. After all, why should attic space go unused? Deciding on air conditioning an attic remodel takes some thought. Consider the following three methods that are often used to cool livable attic space.

Extend the Existing System

If you already have a central air conditioning system, installing additional ductwork and connecting it to the system may be a practical option. This design can work if the current air conditioner is large enough to cool the extra load. Keep in mind that upper floors and attics are substantially warmer than the ground floor. Your HVAC contractor should perform a load calculation of your home to determine feasibility.

Replace the Old Air Conditioner With a New, Larger System

New air conditioning systems are designed for better efficiency and comfort than those manufactured 10 or 20 years ago. If you have an older air conditioner that still uses ozone-depleting refrigerant, consider upgrading to a new system that’s sized to cool your home and the attic remodel.

Add an Independent System

Installing an independent air conditioner for the attic space is an attractive option. An independent system may be a new central air conditioner and air ducts, or you may decide to go ductless like many other homeowners.

Ductless air conditioners are low profile units that use point-of-use air handlers so there’s no need for ductwork. Refrigerant lines are piped inside the walls, which provide unobtrusive installation and function. Considering the unique heat gain elements of attic space, an independent system makes sense for greater comfort.

Home Efficiency Upgrades

Have an energy audit performed before any cooling or heating upgrade. An energy audit pinpoints where energy is being wasted. Air sealing and adding insulation lower the home’s load and may help you decide which cooling option is best.

For more information about air conditioning an attic remodel in your Portland home, please contact Roth Heating & Cooling. We’ve provided HVAC services to Portland area homeowners since 1976.

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