Heat Pump Maintenance, If Performed Routinely, Can Save Energy
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Heat Pump Maintenance, If Performed Routinely, Can Save Energy


Your heat pump works hard all year, keeping you comfortable in Portland’s warm summers and chilly winters. It’s for exactly this reason regular heat pump maintenance is so important. Neglect it for too long and you could cut your heat pump’s efficiency by as much as 25 percent. Caring for your system year round, however, keeps it running at top efficiency and helps the components last longer, too.

DIY Jobs for Optimal Efficiency

A dirty air filter limits airflow into the system, placing strain on the fan motor. This reduces the motor’s efficiency and causes wear that can lead to the motor’s early failure. Every month, check the air filter and replace it if it’s covered in dust. Thin fiberglass filters usually have to be replaced once a month. For longer-lasting filters, better indoor air quality and greater protection for your system, invest in higher-efficiency pleated filters.

The outdoor condenser unit also needs good airflow to stay efficient. Lawn clippings, leaves and other debris on the exterior fins impair airflow, so periodically remove these with a stiff brush. Once a year, lift off the condenser unit’s top and vacuum up debris inside with a wet vac. Then gently hose down the exterior fins from the inside of the unit outward.

Professional Maintenance Is a Must

While annual maintenance is enough for a furnace or A/C, a heat pump should be professionally cleaned and inspected twice a year. Fall and spring, before the heating and cooling seasons, are ideal times to schedule heat pump maintenance.

Many of the jobs your technician will do improve the system’s energy efficiency, as well as protect the components and ensure safe operation. A few of these jobs are:

  • Cleaning the motor and testing its performance
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil if needed
  • Measuring for correct airflow
  • Inspecting for loose or corroded electrical connections
  • Measuring the refrigerant charge and pressure
  • Testing the thermostat and controls
  • Inspecting the ducts for blockages and damage

If you haven’t scheduled professional heat pump maintenance in a while, get in touch with us at Roth Heating & Cooling anywhere around the Portland area.

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