Duct Maintenance Ensures Conditioned Air Gets Where It Needs to Go
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Duct Maintenance Ensures Conditioned Air Gets Where It Needs to Go


If you want to stay comfortable for less in Portland’s chilly winters and humid summers, furnace and A/C tune-ups aren’t the only system maintenance you’ll need. Duct maintenance is also essential because your system relies on the ducts to efficiently deliver heated or cooled air to your rooms.

How Duct Maintenance Benefits You

Leaks in the ducts mean less warm or cool air reaches your rooms, forcing you to adjust your thermostat and use more energy to compensate. Leaks typically occur around loose or unsealed duct joints, but they can also be caused by cracks, holes and other damage.

Sealing these leaks gets conditioned air to your rooms more efficiently, saving you energy, providing more even temperatures and reducing the risk of moisture problems in the attic and basement. Your technician can properly fit the duct connections, seal them with mastic, and repair or replace damaged ducts. Optimal sealing methods vary depending on the duct type and location, so hiring a knowledgeable professional for the job provides the best results. The right sealing techniques can cut your leakage from 30 percent down to 5 percent or even less.

Ducts in unconditioned spaces, such as the basement or attic, can lose or gain heat thanks to the surrounding air. A hot attic heats up cool air in the ducts so it’s no longer the right temperature when it gets to your rooms. Your technician can apply duct wrap or another insulation material in the thickness needed to maintain the temperature of the air in the ducts. Then you’ll no longer have to spend energy to make up for the loss.

Debris and blockages in the ducts also cause problems, including dust in the air, rooms that are hard to heat and cool, and pressure imbalances that can damage your system’s components. Your technician will use a duct inspection camera to check hard-to-reach parts of your ductwork and determine if cleaning is needed.

If you haven’t scheduled professional duct maintenance within the last few years, contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling in the Portland area for an appointment.

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