Tips for Troubleshooting Common Toilet Problems
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Tips for Troubleshooting Common Toilet Problems


When serious plumbing issues arise, such as raw sewage backups, uncontrolled water leaks or the loss of your home’s water supply, you need the help of an experienced pro. To avoid some expense and inconvenience, you can try troubleshooting toilet problems caused by common issues.

Troubleshooting Common Toilet Problems

  • Partial flushing – Irritating incomplete flushing may be caused by a flapper cap that doesn’t lift up enough. To correct this, unhook the chain and reattach it several links shorter. If there’s too little water in the tank and it doesn’t reach the fill marking, bending the float valve bulb upward slightly may help. If these fixes don’t work, the fill valve may need replacement.
  • Ghostly flushes – If the flapper valve is worn, water in the toilet tank will slowly drain away and cause phantom flushing. You’ll need to replace the valve, which isn’t difficult as long as the replacement you buy is a match.
  • Continuous running – When the flapper valve doesn’t close completely, the toilet will run non-stop. To solve this, look for anything that’s keeping it open, such as a mineral buildup around the valve seat or a bowl cleaner dispenser that’s fallen down into the tank. Lengthening the chain can also help if it’s too short and holding the valve open.
  • Messy tank drips – High humidity or a bad seal can cause water drips on the outside of the tank. Other possibilities are cracks or loose pipe connections. To help determine the cause, put several drops of food coloring into the tank. If you don’t see colored water on your floor a while later, you’ll know it’s due to seasonal sweating.
  • Shower scalds – The cold water draw of a flushing toilet can create a distinctly unpleasant shower experience, but you can minimize the temperature change so it’s less of a shock. Simply turn the water valve on each tank completely off and then back it up one-quarter to one-half turn to slow down the flush rate.

For expert help with troubleshooting toilet problems or any other plumbing issue in your Portland area home, contact the pros at Roth Heating & Cooling today.

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