Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks Any Homeowner Can Handle

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Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks Any Homeowner Can Handle

Regular maintenance can help keep the air conditioner in your Portland home running as efficiently as possible and prevent system problems in the future. The following air conditioner maintenance tasks can easily be completed yourself, saving the cost of a service visit.

Change the Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter can make the air conditioner work harder to keep you comfortable, reducing its efficiency by up to 15 percent and causing excess wear and tear on sensitive components. Check the air filter monthly and clean or replace it as necessary.

Clean the Condenser Coil

The performance of the condenser coil outside your home can be degraded by the accumulation of debris, including grass clippings, twigs, leaves and trash. Use a brush or your hands to dislodge any larger items and rinse the coil down with a garden hose to remove fine particles. Keep a two-foot section around the condenser clean of all debris, such as tall grass, overgrown plants, toys or lawn furniture.

Clean the Condensate Drain

Use a brush or a stiff wire to dislodge any debris from the condensate drain and drain channels. A clogged condensate drain can encourage the growth of mold, which could cause health problems, as well as possible water damage.

Have the HVAC System Serviced Annually

Have your HVAC contractor inspect the HVAC system and perform routine maintenance at least once a year to make sure the entire system is running safely and efficiently. An experienced professional will tackle much more extensive maintenance tasks, as well as in-depth inspections to ensure the equipment is performing properly and efficiently.

To schedule professional air conditioner maintenance, or for other home comfort concerns, contact the HVAC experts at Roth Heating and Cooling. We’ve been serving the Portland area since 1976.

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