Make Sure These Areas in Your Home Are Properly Insulated
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Make Sure These Areas in Your Home Are Properly Insulated


You might be surprised by the comfort difference between homes that are properly insulated and ones that lack the right type and amount of insulation. Insulated homes can stay warmer (or cooler) longer, will have less drafts and won’t cost as much to heat and cool.

The best course is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable professional to recommend an effective home insulation strategy. However, handy homeowners can also play a useful role when insulating homes.

Why Insulate?

Common building materials aren’t great at resisting thermal heat transfer. This is why a supplemental material that’s designed to resist heat transfer, or insulation, is necessary. With the right amount and type of insulation, your home will stay comfortable longer and your HVAC equipment won’t have to run 24/7.

So Where Do You Insulate?

Generally, a home should be insulated from the foundation all the way up to the attic and roof, as well as on all ductwork that runs through unconditioned areas.

  • Home insulation in the attic is especially important, since this is where the most heat gain and loss occurs. Optimum attic insulation will keep heat from escaping through the roof during the winter (and risking formation of ice dams) and limit heat transfer between the attic and living spaces below.
  • Wall insulation is also essential, since in the vast majority of homes, they make up most of the home’s surface area. The easiest way to insulate exterior walls is with blown-in insulation. You can check wall insulation by unscrewing an electrical socket panel and peeking at the insulation inside the wall.
  • Basement insulation can help make finished basements less damp and chilly.
  • Ducts that are insulated in unconditioned areas experience less heat loss through thin walls, so conditioned air can reach its destination with minimal heat loss or gain.

For more information on proper home insulation, please contact Roth Heating & Cooling in the Greater Portland area.

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