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Find a Pro to Fix Your Home Water Problems

Good water quality is important for both your health and the reliability of your plumbing system, and regardless of whether you live in an area with municipal water or you obtain your water from a well, home water problems are quite common. With the help of a professional, you can easily correct most home water problems, including the following conditions:

Lead Contamination

Before the negative health effects of lead were discovered, many homes contained lead-based solder to join copper pipes together, creating a tight seal. If replacing your home’s plumbing is not a feasible option, lead contamination can be reduced or eliminated with reverse osmosis, carbon block filtration or ion-exchange water softening systems.

Bacterial Contamination

Disease-causing microbes, such as coliform bacteria, is most commonly found in well water, though it’s possible to find some in municipal water systems, especially shortly after natural disasters. In most cases, a combination of sediment filtering and disinfecting, typically with chlorination, will eliminate the problem.

Unappealing Taste or Smell

Small amounts of organic matter in your water supply, such as algae, can cause a strange taste or smell. Processing your water through a sediment filtering system to remove solid matter, as well as an activated charcoal filter to remove tastes and odors, can solve most problems, though in extreme cases, oxidizing filters may be necessary.

Sulfur Smell

If your water smells like rotten eggs, you likely have hydrogen sulfide in your water, which can lead to pipe corrosion. An advanced chlorination and filtering system with sediment, aeration and activated charcoal filters can reduce hydrogen sulfide content.

Hard Water

Hard water with excess calcium and magnesium can cause lime scale to build up in your plumbing system, restricting water flow and damaging plumbing fixtures. Ion-exchange water softeners are the most common solution for reducing calcium and magnesium levels.

For help with your home water problems, talk to our plumbing experts at Roth Heating & Cooling in Portland and the surrounding areas.

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