Got a Leaky Water Pipe? Patch It with This Simple Guide

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Got a Leaky Water Pipe? Patch It with This Simple Guide

In Portland’s damp climate, the last thing you need is a leaky water pipe to increase the humidity in your home. Because a small leak can quickly turn into a big problem, it’s important to repair any leaks you find as soon as possible.

Try a Quick Fix

For a temporary fix that will let you use the pipe until a professional plumber arrives, wrap a piece of heavy rubber around the pipe and hold it in place with a C-clamp. You can use small blocks of wood to give the clamp something to grip.

Smaller leaks can be repaired more permanently with either plumber’s epoxy or pipe repair tape. To repair a leaky water pipe with epoxy, pull off a piece of epoxy the same size as the hole or crack and knead the epoxy to soften it. Then, press the epoxy over the leak and smooth down the edges. Allow it to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most brands require at least 30 minutes to cure.

To apply pipe repair tape, start by using a metal file to roughen the area around the leak. For a larger crack, press a disc of plumber’s epoxy over it and let it cure. Then, immerse the pipe repair tape in water to soften the epoxy on the tape before applying the tape over the hole and wrapping the roll around the pipe, pressing the tape down as you go.

Install a Pipe Repair Kit

To use a repair kit, cut the neoprene or rubber material supplied into a 1-inch square for pinhole leaks or, for larger leaks, to the size of the hole or crack. Then, lay the patch over the hole, installing hose clamps to hold the patch in place. If your repair kit comes with a pipe repair clamp rather than hose clamps, center the clamp’s rubber gasket side over the leak, and tighten the clamp’s screws to hold down the patch.

For professional assistance repairing a leaky water pipe, contact Roth Heating & Cooling in the Portland area.

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