Enhance Your Outdoor Space with These Landscape Lighting Tips
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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with These Landscape Lighting Tips


You’ve put a lot of work into making your yard look good. But what it looks like at night is just as important as what it looks like during the day — for aesthetic reasons, as well as for safety reasons.

You could install a few floodlights to provide the illumination you need, but they’re often unsightly and boring. Instead, you can light your property with a bit of style. With that in mind, here are five landscape lighting tips to consider for your property.

Lighted pathways. Get a few low-watt bulbs and place them along either side of the pathway leading to your door. This will look attractive and interesting, while still ensuring guests are able to get across your property safely at night.

Garden lighting. Place lights near interesting and colorful plants. Not only will they provide necessary illumination for navigating your landscape, but they’ll also help highlight your garden and its beauty, even in the middle of the night.

Party lighting. For outdoor gatherings, mount a few light fixtures onto the trees around your patio to provide an even glow for grilling and socializing.

Minimize light pollution. While it’s important to illuminate your property, you don’t want to install lights that are visible from halfway down the block. Use lower watt bulbs and place them carefully around your landscape. You can also use light fixtures with reflectors and shielding to concentrate light on specific areas. Always maintain control of your lighting and where it goes.

Halogen vs. LED bulbs. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. They use very little energy and can last up to 20 years. However, when it comes to landscape lighting, they pose a few problems. They’re very expensive, and thus aren’t suited to lining a walkway. They also tend to give off a cold, harsh light that’s less attractive for outdoor use. Instead, consider using warmer halogen bulbs, at a color temperature of around 3,000 K.

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