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The Kids Are Back in School, So It's Primetime to Recoup Summertime Energy Expenses
The Kids Are Back in School, So It's Primetime to Recoup Summertime Energy Expenses

From video games and television to air conditioning and pool filtering, having the kids home during the summer is a big energy expense. If the high energy bills during these months has you concerned, you’ll be glad to know that fall is a great time to recoup summertime ...

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  • Love A/C but Find the Outdoor Unit Unsightly? Do Something About It

    If you enjoy the cool refreshment of your Portland home’s central air conditioner, but find that outdoor unit unsightly, you have several strategies ...

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  • Maintain Proper Humidity in Your Portland Home for Year-Round Comfort

    Correct home humidity levels are not simply a matter of comfort. Real health issues for your family, your home’s value, and HVAC equipment condition ...

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  • Compare a Maintenance Agreement With a Warranty

    Taking steps to protect your heating and cooling equipment before problems occur is smart, but how do you decide between a home warranty and an HVAC ...

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  • Good Quality Air Filter Could be the Key to Better Breathing

    HVAC equipment is a major investment in your family’s comfort. An air filter for your system is extremely inexpensive by comparison. The health of ...

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  • Four Key Concerns When Replacing the A/C

    Are you considering replacing the A/C? This is a big decision that requires some research. Before you head to the home improvement store and buy the ...

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  • Three Types of Indoor Air Pollutants and the Remedies You Can Apply

    Few Portland homeowners realize their indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than the air outside. Three major types of indoor air pollutants ...

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  • What's With the Heat Pump? When There's Trouble, Try These Tips

    In addition to home heating, heat pumps are designed to provide efficient home cooling, too. That’s one of the big perks of using a heat pump in your ...

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  • Why It's Important to Fix Plumbing Leaks Before They Turn Into Larger Problems

    That drippy faucet in the kitchen is more than just annoying; it can become costly. Faucets aren’t the only place leaks develop over time. They just ...

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