Time for a Yearly Electrical Safety Check

Some household chores are quarterly, like changing the filters on your furnace. Some are semi-annual, like changing the batteries on smoke detectors and CO monitors. An annual home electrical safety check is easy: pick up a phone and you’re nearly done!

Why You Need an Annual Electrical Safety Check

If you are not an Oregon-licensed electrician, you are not qualified to diagnose and repair most home electrical problems. But, you wonder, what could possibly go wrong with the wiring in my home from one year to the next?

  • Wiring into the main circuit breaker panel or fuse box can work loose with expansion and contraction from summer heat to winter cold.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets need frequent testing (that is why they have a small test and reset switch), and must be replaced if they are faulty.
  • Smoke detectors have an expiration date; most people do not realize that. The detector is useless if the extremely tiny amount of radioactive material in it is no longer strong enough to create an electrical circuit.
  • Loose receptacles or burn marks around the receptacle openings indicate problems that need quick attention.
  • Electrical surges can wipe out sensitive electronics. Is your Portland-area home protected against voltage surges?
  • Properly located and focused outdoor lighting equals increased home security.

What an Annual Electrical Safety Check Involves

When you bring a licensed, professional electrician into your Portland-area home for an annual electrical safety check, all of these areas will be carefully inspected and repaired, if necessary:

  • Main circuit breaker panel connections (burned wires or connectors, correct sizing of breakers)
  • GFCI outlets tested
  • Every receptacle inspected for loose contact blades or signs of scorching
  • Smoke detectors date-checked and tested
  • Inspect whole-house grounding
  • Verify surge protection and make recommendations for home electronics (computers, televisions)
  • Inspect lighting inside and outside your home and suggest improvements to security lighting


When you call a contractor, verify these qualities in the company’s electricians:

  • Background checked
  • Drug-tested
  • Licensed by the state of Oregon
  • Uniformed

For more information about a home electrical safety check, contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling.