Is Your Home Electrical System Up to Code? Tips to Know for Sure

When it comes to any home electrical system, safety always comes first. To keep homeowners safe, every home that’s built or renovated in the Portland area must conform to local building codes. Portland is one of countless cities that have adopted the National Electrical Code, a comprehensive set of standards for safe electrical wiring and equipment.

To make sure your home electrical system is in compliance, take a moment to see that your home offers the following:

  • Make sure your bathroom, basement and other areas prone to dampness have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets installed.
  • Check hard-wired smoke and carbon dioxide detector systems along with battery backup mechanisms for proper operation.
  • Refrain from running electrical cords and cables under carpeting, as it increases fire danger.
  • Have your home’s circuit breakers tested at least once a year to prevent any future issues with electrical loads.
  • Consider hiring a private building inspector to look for any potential code violations and faults. If any are found, your contractor may be able to help fix almost any problem that comes up.

Want to know more about your home electrical system or perhaps schedule a safety check? Contact the pros at Roth Heating & Cooling in Portland.