3 Reasons to Have a Plumbing Leak Checked Quickly

A plumbing leak never sleeps. In most cases, water leaks continue 24/7 and the total amount of spillage adds up quickly. Because of the nature of plumbing installation, leaks may happen in areas of the house infrequently viewed by the homeowner such as the basement or crawl space, or completely hidden inside wall voids. Any evidence of water leakage anywhere, such as unexplained wet spots or increases in the monthly water bill that can’t be attributed to other causes, should be investigated immediately by a qualified plumbing professional. Here are three good reasons why a plumbing leak should be checked quickly:

  • Small leaks may become big emergencies. Quickly. Pinhole leaks on the outside of a water supply line are often only the visible evidence of major corrosion inside. At any moment, a pinhole can turn into a catastrophic rupture that floods the house. A broken water supply line can easily send several hundred gallons of water per hour cascading into your home, ruining possessions and causing severe structural damage.
  • Little leaks add up to large bills. Water waste from a continuous small plumbing leak can increase your household water costs substantially. A single slow drip can leak over 3,500 gallons per year while a larger leak, though still minor enough not to cause alarm, can waste over 10,000 gallons annually. All that water waste shows up on your monthly bill and also contributes to water scarcity, a growing problem in many areas of the country.
  • Leaks feed mold and bacteria. Toxic mold spores lie dormant until activated by moisture, at which point they start growing and releasing millions of reproductive spores to contaminate your household air. Mold is a proven cause of allergic and respiratory symptoms in many individuals. Covert plumbing leaks are a frequent source of the ongoing moisture that mold and other bacterial growth like mildew need to thrive in unseen areas of the home.

For more information about the importance of checking a plumbing leak promptly, consult the professional at Roth Heating & Cooling.