What Are the Main Benefits of Solar Energy?

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What Are the Main Benefits of Solar Energy?

After decades in development, the benefits of solar energy have become abundantly clear to many homeowners searching for a way to cut their carbon footprint and lower energy costs. Solar panels are more affordable, durable and efficient than ever, and they can power a lot of your home’s electricity needs.

It’s dependable. Although this region sees its share of cloudy weather, many solar panels today work even with a cloud cover. Their output won’t be as ample as on a clear day, but depending on the panel type and quality, you can still generate power.

It stores well. You can connect deep-cycle batteries to the solar array and store the energy to use later, at night or during power outages. If you don’t use storage batteries for solar energy, you can sell some back to the power company, reducing electric bills.

It’s widely available and accepted. Almost all jurisdictions and homeowner associations allow solar panels on rooftops, unlike generating power from the wind, which can obstruct views, pose a hazard for wildlife and generate noise.

Easy installation and maintenance. If you have basic skills, you can probably install your own solar panels. Panel maintenance is minimal, and an occasional rinse with the hose can remove dust. You may need to use a wet sponge mop to remove bird droppings.

Low emissions. Building and placing solar panels on your home requires energy and some raw materials, but once placed on your roof, any environmental impact stops there. This type of power generation is perfectly clean, unlike power generated from natural gas or coal. These two fuels are used to produce the majority of power in the U.S.

The experts at Roth Heating & Cooling can show you more benefits of using solar energy for the home. We’ve provided top-notch HVAC services for Portland area homeowners since 1976.

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