Experience the Benefits and Comfort of Outdoor Security Lighting
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Experience the Benefits and Comfort of Outdoor Security Lighting


Outdoor security lighting can make your yard and property as secure after dark as it is during the day. Once the sun goes down, your landscape and outdoor ambience becomes a darkened recess that can seem unwelcoming to family and friends, while attracting uninvited intruders.

Low-voltage, high-efficiency outdoor lighting provides a wide range of illumination and color alternatives without excessive power drains. A security lighting system has a very low impact on landscapes and is unobtrusive and inconspicuous during the day.

Some reasons homeowners are lighting up their premises with outdoor security lighting, include:

Accident Prevention

Any darkened yard presents numerous slip and fall hazards. Illuminated walks can safely light the way to commonly-used areas of your property, while zone lighting chases shadows away from dark corners. Well-lighted driveways are also important to prevent personal injury, as well as property damage.

Home Security

Darkness is an intruder’s ally. A home with well-lit premises communicates a message to potential prowlers and thieves that the residence is occupied and trespassers will be observed. Adding motion detectors to certain zones can flood those areas with high-lumen security illumination as needed, while consuming no electricity when it’s not.

Wildlife Deterrents

You might be surprised by the variety of creatures who visit your yard at night. Some can be a nuisance to your home and garden, as well as a threat to your own pets. Possums, raccoon, rodents and coyotes are common in many residential areas, but tend to avoid well-lit areas. Motion detector sensors can be adjusted to trigger lights only when critters of a certain size trespass.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Outdoor security lighting can incorporate a palette of colors that express your individual creativity. Lights also effectively accent and emphasize certain landscape features, such as trees, shrubbery, fountains and pools. Lighting design can be an artistic statement, while increasing the curb appeal of your home.

For more information about the energy-efficient benefits of outdoor security lighting in Portland, contact Roth Heating & Cooling.

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