What You Should Consider When Purchasing a New Furnace
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What You Should Consider When Purchasing a New Furnace


Replacing your old furnace with an efficient model available today involves more than just picking one out of the same size. There are installation details to consider, such as making your home more efficient, correctly sizing your new heating system, inspecting the ducts and more.

Use this guide to help you choose and install your system the correct way and to ensure the greatest return on your investment.

Tighten Up Your Home

Your new heating system is going to work a lot better if it’s installed in an efficient home. Air leaks in the thermal envelope and inadequate insulation levels increase the heating load and your energy bills. Ask your HVAC provider to perform an energy evaluation, which shows you exactly where caulk, weatherstripping and insulation is needed.

Heating Efficiency

New, high-efficiency furnaces convert nearly 100 percent of fuel to home heating. That’s a remarkable improvement from old furnaces, which often delivered 65 to 75 percent heating efficiency.

If you’re undecided between a new standard furnace with 80 to 85 percent efficiency and a high-efficiency system, ask your HVAC provider to conduct a lifetime cost analysis. The lifetime cost of your new heating system is the sum of purchase, installation and the estimated operating and maintenance expenses from day one. Then, you can determine which heating system is the right investment for your home and needs.

Furnace Sizing

Another great reason to button up your home is that it may actually reduce the size of heating system you need. A heating load calculation of your home should be conducted using HVAC industry best practices to determine precisely how many BTUs your new furnace should be. Otherwise, you could end up spending extra money on an oversized system that won’t run as efficiently.

How’s Your Ductwork?

A quality ductwork system is essential to maximizing the performance and efficiency of your new heating system. After all, it’s your air ducts that convey heated air throughout your home. Your ductwork should be inspected for leaks, damage, and correct sizing.

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