Electrical Safety Tips to Teach Children of Any Age

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Electrical Safety Tips to Teach Children of Any Age

We all want to keep our children safe. With this in mind, it’s important to teach them the potential dangers of electricity at a young age. Here are 10 electrical safety tips to teach children of any age:

  1. Don’t plug too many things into one outlet or extension cord. It could damage your home’s electrical system or even cause a fire.
  2. Make sure all electric cords are tucked away and not laying out where people can trip on them or pets can find and chew on them.
  3. Never climb the fence around an electrical substation. No matter what gets over the fence, whether it’s a ball, toy or pet, ask an adult to call the electric company to get it out for you.
  4. Remove plugs from outlets carefully – don’t yank them out. This can cause damage to the appliance, to the plug and to the outlet.
  5. When you’re flying a kite, never fly it around substations or power lines. The kite and the string will conduct electricity and send it through you and into the ground.
  6. If you need to use something that uses electricity to run, ask a grown-up for help.
  7. Before you climb a tree, look up and make sure there are no power lines around the tree. The tree’s branches can conduct electricity and send it through you.
  8. Remind grown-ups to put safety caps on all unused electrical outlets. This will keep you safe, and also help to save energy by stopping drafts.
  9. If your mom or dad is using outdoor equipment, like a ladder or chainsaw, remind them to watch out for electrical wires.
  10. Keep all electrical appliances and other things far away from water. Water and electricity are very dangerous together.

Contact Roth Heating and Cooling for help with questions about electrical safety, and to learn more electrical safety tips to use in your Portland home.

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