5 Quick Tasks to Keep Your Refrigerator Operating in Top Shape
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5 Quick Tasks to Keep Your Refrigerator Operating in Top Shape


There’s no appliance in your kitchen that gets more use than the refrigerator. To keep your family healthy, you want your unit running at its peak performance to keep your food and beverages cold and safe from bacteria. You also want it to run efficiently and to have a long life. There are several simple tasks homeowners can tackle to keep the refrigerator operating in top shape.

  • Make sure none of the door seals are loose. Loose seals will cause cool air to escape, which makes the fridge work harder to keep things cool. This can have a big impact on the refrigerator’s efficiency. Also keep the seals clean and free of residue. To do so, clean the seals twice a year with baking soda and water.
  • Keep the refrigerator condenser coils clean from dust and other dirt. When the coils are dirty or covered with dust, the fridge can’t run efficiently. At least twice a year, pull the unit away from the wall and vacuum the coils with the brush attachment.
  • Make sure you have the temperature set properly. The correct temperature should be between 37 and 40 degrees. The freezer should be at zero degrees. If the refrigerator temperature isn’t correct, your food could spoil.
  • Keep the refrigerator as full as possible. In order to run properly, the unit has to have a “thermal mass” to keep the cool temperatures stable. If you tend not to store a lot of food, add a few jugs of water.
  • Keep the doors closed during a power outage. An unopened refrigerator will keep food safe for several hours. Remember, the fuller the unit is, the longer your food will stay cold and safe.

If you have questions or need additional information about the care and maintenance of your refrigerator, look to the professionals at Roth Heating and Cooling. We’re happy to serve the home comfort needs of Portland area homeowners.

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