Fall's Here in Canby: Time for a Furnace Inspection
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Fall’s Here in Canby: Time for a Furnace Inspection


The chilly temperatures are rapidly approaching Canby. Before fall gets into full swing and winter bites down, be sure that your furnace is in tip-top operational shape by having it thoroughly inspected. Here are some of the steps that a professional takes when performing a furnace inspection.

Combustion Chamber
Air and fuel combine in the ignition process to create heat for your home. During this process natural byproducts such as soot and water vapor can begin to build up over time. During a furnace inspection your HVAC specialist will clean all of the build-up from the chamber and inspect it to insure that there is no corrosion or undo build-up in the chamber.

Exhaust Flute
The excess heat and harmful gasses that are released during the combustion process are vented through the exhaust flute. Starting where the piping exits the furnace and inspecting all the way to where it exists your home is vital. Any holes or cracks in the piping could lead to carbon monoxide leaks or other harmful circumstances. Also remember to inspect carbon monoxide detectors.

Oil and Air Filters
During your furnace inspection the air and oil filters should also be replaced. Clean oil allows for smoother operation of the system and insures that dirty oil deposits and debris do not clog up the burners and lead to system shutdowns or failures. The air quality in your home is more vital in the fall and winter months when more time is spent indoors. A clean air filter helps increase your homes indoor air quality.

Adjustments for Efficiency
The burners should be adjusted to insure that your system will run at optimal efficiency. This helps save money during operation as well as by abating costly system malfunctions. All burners should then emit about the same amount of flame and do so in an even pattern.

Contact Roth Heating and Cooling today to get your furnace inspection completed in time for the coming wintery months. You can only be glad you did! We are also here to help if you think it might be time to replace your furnace.

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