Are You Hearing Any of These A/C Noises in Your Portland Home? What They May Mean
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Are You Hearing Any of These A/C Noises in Your Portland Home? What They May Mean


When you are using the air conditioning system in your Portland home, it is quite normal to hear some noise, but if you hear excessive noise or if new noises start happening, it could be a symptom of a greater problem. The following list describes some of the most common A/C noises and their causes, so that you can determine the severity of a problem and whether you should contact your HVAC contractor:

A/C Noises From Outdoors:

  • Banging or Tapping: Check the fan on the condenser to make sure it is clear of debris such as sticks, leaves and trash. Make sure the fan blades are not cracked or hitting the case. If the noise seems to be coming from the area of the compressor, call a professional, as it may indicate that there is internal damage, such as a loose connecting rod or broken motor mount.
  • Bubbling or Hissing: Inspect the refrigerant lines for signs of leaks and call your contractor to repair any that are found.
  • Buzzing: With the power to the system turned off, check for loose electrical connections or signs of arcing, such as burned connections. Clean and tighten the electrical connections and restore power. If the noise continues, contact you contractor, as there may be a more serious electrical problem.
  • Clicking, Ticking or Rattling: Check the outside of the condenser for loose hardware and tighten as necessary.
  • Squealing or Screaming: Call your contractor immediately, as there may be a serious problem with the compressor.

A/C Noises From Indoors:

  • Ticking or Clicking: There may be debris in the blower fan. Shut the system off and clean the blower fan and its housing.
  • Grinding or Screeching: This may indicate that the bearings in th blower motor need lubrication or are on the verge of failure. Lubricate them if possible, or call your contractor for assistance.
  • Rattling: Check for loose hardware or connections in the ducts, and tighten as necessary.

For more information about common A/C noises, call our HVAC experts at Roth Heating and Cooling today. We have been serving Portland and the surrounding areas since 1976.

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