Are These Cooling Myths Keeping You From Saving?
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Are These Cooling Myths Keeping You From Saving?


Myths about money are everywhere, and when they are tied to your Portland home’s energy use, you may have fallen for them. Everyone wants to keep cool but still save money and energy this summer. Take a moment to learn about, and avoid, these cooling myths.

Untrue: Turn Off the A/C and Save Money

This energy-saving myth says you will save money and energy by turning off your central air conditioner while you are away from home. Rather than turn it off, set your programmable thermostat to 88 degrees. Your central air conditioner will run efficiently (for a long time at long intervals) but your pets and medications will not be harmed from dangerously high heat.

Untrue: When Home, Crank It Down

Turning the thermostat down sharply—65 degrees or lower—will not cool your Portland home any faster than leaving the programmed settings alone. Unless you have a variable-speed air handler, your central A/C’s fan has a single speed, and the cool air will not move any faster.

Untrue: Only Central Air Conditioning Cools

Portland residents from the city’s founding in 1851 to 1902 disproved this myth; there was no central air conditioning. You can survive without it today, too:

  • Sleep in your basement
  • Use cool cloths on your neck
  • Apply ice cubes to your wrists
  • Spray your top sheet with a fine mist of cold water and let it evaporate as you go to sleep

Cooling Myth: Closing Vents Saves Money

Among cooling myths, this one could be your most costly. Closing off registers or vents is wrong. It throws off the supply and return air balance of your HVAC system. It can also lead to more frequent visits from your HVAC contractor, for repairs from the wear and tear you place on your central A/C.

Untrue: Ceiling Fans Cool Your Space

Ceiling fans cool you, because you have perspiring skin. They push air around, which helps your sweat evaporate; you feel cooler at higher temperatures. When you leave the room, turn off the ceiling fan.

For genuine money-saving ideas with no cooling myths, contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling.

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