What Causes the A/C in Your Portland Home to Freeze Up?
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What Causes the A/C in Your Portland Home to Freeze Up?


If you are enjoying the cooling comfort of your air conditioning when it suddenly stops working, the first thing to do is turn it off. Then check to see if ice is coating the coils. If so, you need to do some trouble-shooting to determine what causes the A/C to freeze up. First, locate the drainage hole and make sure it is clear. Water should be running out of the drainpipe. If it is not, the condensation is going somewhere, and most likely doing some damage when it gets there. It may be draining back into the unit and causing a freeze-up.

If the weather is warm enough to run the air conditioner, the ice should thaw and drain in a short time. Once it does, turn the unit back on. It should produce cold air immediately. If debris had clogged the drainpipe, you may have resolved the issue and you will not experience further difficulty. If not, you will have to consider other causes of the freeze-up and resolve them.

  1. Low refrigerant levels will cause the coil to ice up. This may be due to a leak that a qualified HVAC technician can repair before refilling the refrigerant.
  2. The air around the coils may not be warm enough to prevent freezing. This can happen if the registers inside your home are not open and free from obstruction. Dirty filters can also prevent adequate airflow.
  3. The fan may not be running or may be running too slowly to circulate the air around the coil effectively. Listen for the fan when the unit is on. If you do not hear it, this is likely the problem. In either case, an HVAC technician can help.
  4. If your unit keeps running after the room is comfortable, the culprit may be a bad thermostat. This can also send your utility bill skyrocketing.

The staff at Roth Heating and Cooling will gladly determine what causes the A/C to freeze up and provide you with the solution. Just call 503-266-1249 or schedule service online for a one-hour response during business hours or the next business day.

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