New Technology? New Home Wiring May Be in Order
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New Technology? New Home Wiring May Be in Order


If you’re like most people today, your home is loaded with tons of modern electronics and appliances. Even those who don’t consider themselves “tech savvy” often strive to get the newest gizmos and gadgets. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with upgrading to the latest iPad, you may be overlooking an important feature of your home that could very well be outdated: the wiring. And home wiring isn’t just about supporting the power demands of all those devices you love to use – it’s first, and foremost, about your family’s safety. Learn more about the importance of good home wiring, and if yours is in need of a makeover.

Why Good Home Wiring is Important

If your home’s wiring is old, unnecessary strain may be put on your electrical system in its attempt to keep up with your family’s power demands. Sudden computer crashes and power outages are just a couple of the problems that can be caused from old or faulty wiring. While these issues can definitely become a nuisance, the fact that such wiring can turn into a safety hazard makes upgrading an even greater necessity – faulty wiring is the main cause of house fires. If your home is over 40-years old, replacing the wiring is most likely needed.

When It May Be Time to Rewire

The following are some signs your wiring may need upgrading:

  • You have lights that are flickering or dimming.
  • Your fuses blow or your breakers trip frequently.
  • There are switch plates and outlets that you’ve noticed are discolored and feel warm when touched.
  • You’ve noticed a burning smell coming from an appliance or a room.
  • There’s a tingling sensation when you touch a receptacle, wall switch or appliance.
  • There aren’t any ground fault circuit interrupter outlets in areas that may be exposed to moisture (your kitchen, bathrooms, etc.).
  • You have ungrounded outlets that only work with two-prong plugs.

For more information on home wiring, and other related home comfort topics, please feel free to contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling anytime. Our team of expert contractors have been proudly serving the Portland area since 1976.

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