Keep Your Water Clean with UV Water Filters
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Keep Your Water Clean with UV Water Filters


Did you know that UV light can improve the quality of your home’s water supply? UV water filters can kill the vast majority of bacteria they come into contact with in the household water supply—using no harmful chemicals. With the UV or ultraviolet water filtration system, there’s no bulky equipment to crowd up your kitchen counter, either. Your UV water filter system can be installed below the sink, keeping your countertop clear. Your pure, filtered drinking water is dispensed from a faucet separate from and usually alongside the regular sink faucet in your Portland area home. You may have read our blogs about UV light technology that improves indoor air quality, working within your HVAC system to kill bacteria. Now this type of technology has been applied to water filtration.

Get Healthier Water with a UV filtration System

UV water filters are an environmentally friendly method of providing you with clean water for drinking, cooking and more. The UV light used to filter water is part of the electromagnetic spectrum found in natural sunlight. The UV frequency of light energy changes the structure of biological contaminants in water—it actually disrupts the germs’ DNA– according to the International Ultraviolet Association ( The WHO (World Health Organization) states that UV disinfection of drinking water at the household level is “highly effective.”

The UV light prevents bacteria from reproducing and helps to reduce the disease risk to anyone drinking the household tap water. The most effective water filtration systems use activated carbon filters along with UV lamp treatment. Carbon helps to capture bigger contaminant particles, while UV light works against microscopic bacteria. Both filtration types work together to reduce exposure to viruses that could otherwise bring health concerns and symptoms like stomach cramps.

Filtered Water Tastes Better, Too

Not only will your drinking water be healthier with a UV filter, it’ll also taste better. By improving upon that unappealing tap water taste, your family may actually drink more water, which is essential for good health.

If you have questions about UV water filters or home cooling and heating systems, contact Roth Heating & Cooling.

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