Variable-Speed Furnaces Boost Comfort and Savings in Your Canby Home
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Variable-Speed Furnaces Boost Comfort and Savings in Your Canby Home


One of the biggest advances in modern furnace/air conditioning technology is technology that allows blower or air handler motors to operate at different speeds. Variable-speed furnaces equipped with this technology can provide a lot of comfort to your family while shaving dollars off energy costs.

Less is More

The blower motor in your furnace pushes heated through your home (and may deliver cooled air if it’s attached to your A/C in the summer). On traditional furnaces, it blows at one high speed, meaning the air will move at the same full capacity while heating, whether you need a little warmth or a lot. On variable-speed furnaces, the blower motor can adjust its speed and airflow to meet your temperature demands.

Consider a cool but not cold Oregon day. The sensors controlling the blower motor make it run at low speed nearly continuously, reducing energy-wasting short cycling. This is mechanically easier on components, efficient for fuel consumption, and provides steady heat. On cold days, the sensors increase the blower motor speed and the furnace runs at fuller capacity. In all cases, gone are the temperature fluctuations you felt from a traditional furnace, and gone are the blasts of cool air when the furnace first comes on.


Variable-speed furnaces provide savings for Portland area homeowners in several areas:

  • Fuel use declines
  • Variable-speed blower motors use around six times less electricity than traditional blower motors
  • Your furnace operates more efficiently, lengthening its useful life
  • For cooling, variable-speed blower motors remove as much as four times the moisture from the air as single-speed motors, for better humidity control.
  • Peace and quiet of your home increases; variable-speed furnaces are quieter than standard furnaces

Intelligent Control

The variable-speed blower motor uses sensors to measure airflow, adjust heating and cooling periods to compensate for ductwork challenges and furnace location, and even sense when filters are dirty. Because the blower motor runs for longer periods of time, more air is moved through the filters, giving your Canby-area home noticeably cleaner air.

For more guidance on variable-speed furnaces, please contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling.

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