Exhaust Fans: Essential for Better Indoor Air Quality
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Exhaust Fans: Essential for Better Indoor Air Quality


Consider all the pollution generated in your home every day. Cleaning, cooking, burning fuel, bathing and even breathing create moisture and pollution you want to expel from your house. The kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are the biggest culprits for generating pollution, from fumes and smoke to grease and dust. The best way to get rid of these pollutants is by installing exhaust fans. Here’s a look at the types of exhaust fans available and the benefits they provide.

Types of Exhaust Fans

  • Ceiling mounted: This standard type of fan exhausts stale air upward through the roof.
  • Inline: Instead of being installed directly on the ceiling, an inline exhaust fan is mounted between the ductwork. It makes most sense if there’s not enough clearance in the room you want to ventilate.
  • Wall mounted: This fan is mounted on an exterior wall and doesn’t require ductwork.
  • Combination: When you want a light, a heater or both, a combination exhaust fan may be ideal.
  • Exterior remote mounted: Instead of pulling stale air out, this type of exhaust fan pulls fresh air in.
  • Kitchen range: All kitchen cook tops should have an exhaust fan to carry cooking fumes to the exterior.


Exhaust fans vent pollutants to the outdoors, but what exactly are the benefits of proper home ventilation?

  • Decrease health problems: Asthma attacks, allergy symptoms and other respiratory problems are common in highly polluted interiors. Help keep your family healthy by venting harmful pollutants outside.
  • Prevent mold growth: Excess moisture leads to mold growth, which can impact your health and even damage your home’s structural integrity. Ventilation dries up moisture to prevent mold growth.
  • Protect your home: Moisture also can warp or rot wood furniture and drywall. Even the paint on your bathroom walls could start to peel away if you never vent the room when you shower.
  • Enjoy a fresher smell: Fumes, smoke and mold spores make for an unpleasant smell. Enjoy coming home to a fresh scent without introducing harmful chemicals to mask the odor.

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